It's time for a new experience in public speaking.

TimeVote is a completely new experience in public speaking. Everyone gets involved: TimeVote is an experience for speakers, organizers and attendees.

With TimeVote, the audience is empowered to control the time a speaker gets on stage. If everybody loves the speaker and the subject, we'll slow down the speaker's timer to give him more time. If the subject or speaker is less popular, he or she will have to wrap up early...

TimeVote. A new experience in public speaking for speakers, organizers and attendees.

I'm a speaker.

As a speaker, you want to tell amazing stories. With TimeVote, you get a great opportunity to tell your story in a completely new way. You'll receive direct feedback from the audience, allowing you to adjust your session as you go. And if you do well, you'll be granted extra time.

In addition, after your speech, TimeVote produces a report about your session, giving you useful hints on what worked well and what did not.

I'm an organizer.

As an organizer, you want to give everyone an awesome conference experience. With TimeVote, your audience will feel involved in a way they've never experienced before, and your speakers will experience a completely new way of telling their stories.

In addition, the audience can automatically share all their positive votes on Twitter, which we'll tag with your hashtag. So the effects of TimeVote extend beyond the room - creating a positive buzz on social media.

I'm an attendee

As an attendee, you love to be involved and become more than just an onlooker. But only if it's done in the right way. With TimeVote, you can get involved in a fun and rewarding way. Your opinion matters, because it directly feeds back into the session by changing the speaker timer speed.

TimeVote is platform-independent, so it runs on any smartphone, tablet or even laptop.

As a speaker, what do I do?

Someone in the front of the audience will display a speaker timer to you. The timer also shows the current sentiment in the room. Adjust the topics you present on the sentiment of the audience, and the time you have left.

Some hints on making a flexible length presentation:

Prepare for maximum time
You want to make sure you have enough content to cover the extra time you may get. So prepare for the maximum time, then use the other tips to trim it down on-the-fly, if needed.
Simple slides
Keep your slides simple. This makes it easier to change the timing of a slide, because you decide during the session how much detail you'll cover.
Jump points
Usually, you'll have some sections in your session that you could fairly easily skip. Identify those sections in advance, and make notes on which slide to jump to if you decide to skip a section. Most presentation software can skip to a slide number easily, which looks a lot more professional than skipping slides one by one.

As an organizer, what do I do?

Before your conference, set up TimeVote by entering the name of your conference and the Twitter hashtag. We'll send you two links: one for the timer, and one for the audience. Make sure to tell your speakers that you have scheduled them for a TimeVote session: they need to be able to prepare appropriately.

You open the link for the timer on an iPad. Someone in the front row holds the iPad during the sessions - visible to the speaker. You publish the link for the audience on an information slide or something similar (in the same place where you would tell them the wifi password, for example).

As an organizer you have a possibility to put exact time boundaries, so that you know upfront what is minimum and maximum time stretch for each speaker. (e.g. Initially every speaker gets 10:00, so with 20% limitations you can be sure that none of presentation will be longer then 12:00 and shorter then 8:00 minutes)

As an attendee, what do I do?

The organizer of the sessions will give you a link to open on your smartphone (or any other device). During the session, vote whether you would like this session to get extra time, or prefer to end it early.

If your opinion of the session changes while it's still running, you can simply change your vote. Share your positives votes on Twitter automatically, so that your friends know what sessions to look up later.

About Us

Hi there!

We are a team of entrepreneurial enthusiasts with a passion for innovations. We believe that the world is changing dramatically fast, and that many aspects of our lives, and many spheres of business are yet to be redesigned and rediscovered. That's why we try hard to bring our vision to real products.

With TimeVote we are proud to be a part of something special and unique. As occasional speakers and conference visitors, we see a huge potential in this area. Many of the conferences are trying to deliver better content, to involve the audience in a better and more interactive, rewarding way. On the other hand speakers are trying to hold their presentations in a way that will keep audience involved and awake. Speakers often do not see/know exact direct feedback of their presentation. The questionnaires, which are most of the time done weeks after the conference has taken place, are not efficient enough. Attendees tend to remember only few really good, or bad things about the presentations. The whole mass of "in-between" information is lost. Last, but not the least, there is the possibility for the audience to partially steer the content of their choice.

Our product is designed for any kind of event where speakers and attendees are involved. Huge conferences, smaller events, schools, universities, big companies - we see all of them as our potential customers.

Feel free to contact us in case of any questions/suggestions/comments.

The TimeVote team.